Saturday, December 22, 2018

Christmas Meeting [December 16 2018]

Hello humans!
It's been a while since the last post, but this year was really hard for everyone, so many space mission, you couldn't believe!

Anyhow, we finally met for December to end the year on a good note~

We decided to go to the "Luminothérapie" which is a christmas light show/decoration in town, so we met around the area. Lillie and Cindy for ready together, Princess hanged out with us but she just finished work so she didn't have time to change, Daisy couldn't come and Audrey came to hang out for a bit before her "work's party". So even if only Lillie and Cindy were dressed up, we took some pictures! Haha



Luminothérapie was inside and outside, so after seeing the decoration and show inside we got out to see the rest.... and it was pretty disapointing LOL pretty much just some lightup domino that were super noisy and some campfire in trashcan??? It felt more like we were homeless than anything LOL

Luminothérapie, more like homelesstherapie

Anyway it was pretty fun to go out, we hope to have time to do a meeting January 2019! 

The rest of the pictures is going to be on our facebook!


Saturday, June 2, 2018

Gyaru at the sugarshack! [28th april 2018]

Hello humans!
This post as been delayed for way longer than I wanted it to be, but here is the post for Gyalaxie meeting of April!

This time we decided to go to the sugar shack! As french canadian (galien), we couldn't pass by this tradition!

We arrived there in two group, Lillie-Joe and Cindy in one and Daisy, Princess and her korean friend Sandy in the other. Lillie-Joe and Cindy arrived a bit later than the meeting time, but as gyaru it's not really surprising. :') Being late seems to be a ★Gyalaxie★ tradition too hahaha

The meal was really good, and we had really traditional Quebec music in background. Some of us even danced to it! We also played spoons~ We all had a really good time.
It was the first time Sandy went to a sugar shack so we fill her in with all our knowledge of traditions from Quebec.

 After our meal we went to eat some maple syrup on snow!

We then took some picture of our outfit next to a deer head~




★Group picture★

As you can see our outfit we're really inspired by tradition Quebec attire.

Special mention to Cindy's nails!
★Canada and Quebec inspired!★

Before going we left a little souvenir to the deer head 

★So cute!★

Finally we all went back to our shit, the ★Romano Gyaru★, and enjoyed our memories of this sweet meeting.

We should come back for the summer times, look forward to our next adventures!

As always you can visit our Facebook page for more pictures!

-Lillie Joe

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Barbie Expo! [January 28th, 2018]

Hello humans!

I think I can talk for everyone by saying that 2017 sucked ass. It was a difficult year for everyone and many thing happened. Thus why Gyalaxie had to take a break from their activities for a year. But now that 2018 started, we decided to start off the year right and do our first real meeting!

The only thing we did in 2017 was a small undocumented meeting to look at magazine on December 16th, but we officially added 2 new members to our squad <3 Mattie and Daisy! On the other end, Mochi decided to leave the gal unit because her style changed a lot.

For this meeting, we went to the barbie expo! So many barbies to look at!!
Many people though we worked for the expo and took picture with us, it was a lot of fun!

In the expo, there's a human size barbie box meant for pictures, of course we all took picture in it <3





After the expo we went to the karaoke for Yuki's birthday, I did a lot of para para and Daisy tried to follow~  We will probably do a para para lesson meeting soon <3
It was a really fun day and we will try to do more meeting this year!

For all the picture of the meeting, please visit our facebook page!

Here's the vlog of our meeting :

-Lillie-Joe Joestar

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mini holiday meeting~ [December 28th, 2016]

Hello humans!

Since I (Lillie-Joe) went on trips to Toronto and Montreal for Christmas time, I thought it would be nice to hold a mini Gyalaxie meeting <3 Of course, since it was during the Holiday season, only of few of us could be there but we had fun despite that. :D

Yuki made her Gyaru debut with this one! And gosh she is beautiful <3 I helped her do her makeup at our friend’s place and then we headed to Misoya restaurant to eat ramen.

Cindy met us at Misoya, followed by Mochi and Jiji. Jiji was a Gyaru a few years ago but she is now more interested in Neo Gyaru. It was nice to see her again!

After eating ,Cindy, Yuki and I went to Yuki’s place to take some pictures of our outfits.




Then we all went our separate ways. Cindy took a little video of the meeting but was a bit too short for a video on our YouTube channel, so here is the vlog of my trip, including the meeting!

- Lillie-Joe Joestar

Friday, January 6, 2017

The first meeting! [October 22th, 2016]

Hello humans!

It might be a little late for the review of the first meeting of Gyalaxie, but we had to prepare a lot of stuff!

The first meeting was basically about creating the new Gal Circle, after YUKIhareem “died”.

We (Lillie-Joe, Imy, Lily, Mochi and Princess) met in the best place to start a Gal Unit: a McDonald's. After ordering our junk, I (Lillie-Joe, ex-co-leader of YUKIhareem) presented the idea for the new Gal Unit. Using a beautiful “Dans une galaxie près de chez vous” notebook, we wrote our ideas for the new project and things that we didn’t like about the last one to make this Gal Unit the best one in the world <3 We had a lot of fun and we actually met Yuki (a beautiful new gyaru) at the same time!

Then we looked for a name and that was clearly the hardest part. The name Gyalaxie came first (inspired by the name of the series on the notebook) followed by a lot of stupid names that we might share one day. Even if we said the name as a joke at first, I guess Gyalaxie grew on us and we ended up sticking with it! We chose to use the French spelling of "galaxy" for it since we are a French Canadian Gal Unit – that said, we don’t mind using English, after all Imy and Princess' first language is English!

After eating at McDonald's, we went to Princess’ place since she had to work after this. While we were there we took the picture of our outfits! Sadly, the lighting wasn't the best but we had no other choice since it was raining like crazy outside!





Finally we ended our day at a Korean restaurant~

On Facebook, we created our private page to prepare our “official debut” and also added Cindy, another previous member of YUKIhareem to the group.

Now that everything is settled, Gyalaxie is finally ready! Are you ready to participate to our gyalactic adventure? We sure are ready to have fun! Please stay tuned for our future updates!

- Lillie-Joe Joestar

How to be in ★Gyalaxie★ / Comment être dans ★Gyalaxie★

Wanna be part of Gyalaxie ? Here is how we work!
Tu veux faire partie de Gyalaxie? Voici comment on fonctionne!
New member
You like gyaru style and you wanna be part of the Gal Unit ? Simple! Just tell us and we will invite you to one of our meetings! From then, we will see if you’re serious about the style and if you get along with the other members! Of course you would need to already be a gyaru but fear not! We can help you with your style if you want us to. <3

Nouveau membre
Tu aimes le style gyaru et tu veux faire partie du Gal Unit? C'est simple! Dis-nous le simplement et nous allons t’inviter à un de nos meeting! Ainsi nous allons voir si tu es sérieuse/sérieux à propos du style et si on s’entend bien! Bien sûr tu devras déjà être gyaru, mais n’ai pas peur! On peut t’aider avec ton style si tu le veux <3
You like gyaru style but you've never tried it or have any clothes or don’t know where to start? That’s fine by us too! Even if you just want to try a “one day gyaru” experience! We can give you a gyaru makeover and will be happy to have you at one of our meeting~ Of course, you have to understand that everything we lend you might be expensive or precious to us so please be careful with them and give back everything we lend you. We can understand an accident but if you break something out of carelessness we might ask you to pay for it.
Tu aimes le style gyaru mais tu ne l’as jamais essayé, n’as pas les vêtements pour ou tu ne sais pas où commencer? Pas de problème! Même si tu veux essayer d’être « Gyaru d’un jour »! Nous offrons un makeover gyaru et nous serons heureux/heureuse de t’avoir dans un de nos meeting~ Bien s
ûr, tu dois comprendre que tout ce que nous allons te prêter peut être cher ou précieux pour nous alors s’il-te-plaît soit prudent avec ceux-ci. Tu devras aussi nous redonner tout ce que nous te prêtons à la fin du meeting. On peut comprendre un accident, mais si tu fais brise quelque chose car tu n’es pas délicat on pourra te demander de le repayer.

What does it mean to be in Gyalaxie?

 Our Gal Unit is simple, we are a bunch of gyaru from the province of Quebec who like to do activities together!
 We do various meetings with activities like going to conventions, making videos, learning para para or “non gyaru” activities depending on the season. We do meetings with themes and activities in particular as well as some that are meant to just chill.
 We participate to social network a lot too! Like Blogspot, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. - -- We ask our members to participate to some of them depending of what they prefer.
 We do activities depending on the popular opinion. If you cannot have a day off or you cannot participate to an activity for any reason, it’s fine! The most important thing is that we see that you’re making efforts to participate in the group and that you talk with the others on our private Facebook page.
The important thing to us is that we have fun and share our love for Gyaru fashion.
Qu'est-ce que ça veux dire être dans Gyalaxie?
 Notre Gal Unit est simple, nous sommes un groupe de gyaru de la province de québec qui font des activités ensemble!
 Nous faisons des rencontres variées avec des activités, allons dans les conventions, faisons des vidéos, apprenons le para para. Nous faisons des rencontres avec des thèmes ou des activités précises autant que nous nous rencontrons pour traîner ensemble.
 Nous participons aussi à plusieurs réseaux sociaux comme Blogspot, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook et Youtube. Nous demandons au membres de s’investir dans ceux-ci selon ce qu’ils préfèrent.
 Nous choisissons nos activités en votant. Si tu ne peux pas prendre congé ou participer à une activité, ce n’est pas grave! Tant que l'on voit que tu fais de ton mieux ou que tu participe au conversations de groupe sur notre page privée de Facebook.
Pour nous, le plus important est de s’amuser et de partager notre amour de la mode Gyaru.

We are ★Gyalaxie★!

Hello everyone! We are Gyalaxie! The first Gal Unit in Canada!

After the death of YUKIhareem, the members of the Quebec Gal Circle decided to create their own Gal Circle with slightly different rules that matched the new members.
They created the Circle on October 22th 2016 using a “Dans une galaxie près de chez vous” note book and decided to call themselves Gyalaxie!

Lillie-Joe Joestar [leader]

Birthday : March 4th 1989
Lives in : Montréal
Style: Kuro Gyaru ☆ Amekaji ☆ Haady ☆ Tsuyome Manba
Inspiration : Black Diamond ☆ Angeleek ☆ Egg magazine
Likes : Video Games ☆ Para para ☆ Jojo’s bizarre adventure ☆ Pokémon ☆ Birds ☆ Youtube
Started Gyaru in : Summer 2010
Links :
☆ Facebook :
☆ Youtube : (Main) (Para para)
☆ Tumblr :  


birthday: December 9th
Lives in : Montréal
Style: Kuro Gyaru ☆ Manba
Inspiration : Egg ☆ Woofin girl ☆ Kanako ☆ Yumachi ☆ Black Diamond
Likes : Nail art ☆ Online shopping ☆ Languages ☆ Wikipedia hopping ☆ League of Legends
Started Gyaru in : 2010
Links :


Birthday : June 14th
Lives in : Montreal
Style: Hime Gyaru Mix of styles
Inspiration : Sui Princess Himena Kim Cholong Ageha Magazine
Likes : Anything pink Sparkles Puppie Exo Movies Historical k-dramas School aesthetics korean makeup and skincare My Melody
Started gyaru in : 2015
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AfreekaTV : coming soon


Birthday : June 30th
Lives in : Montréal
Style: Amekaji Haady Manba
Inspiration : Lillie-Joe
Likes : Holographic and glitters Purple Steven Universe Pokémon My cat Jack Food ☆ Youtube
Started gyaru in : 2015
Links :
Youtube :

Ex Member :

 Birthday : May 9th 1993 Lives in : Montreal Style : Himekaji  Romagyaru Inspiration : Recent japanese trends  Larme  Korean fashion Likes : Cinema  Sci-fi  EXO  Tonkatsu  Collecting thingsStarted Gyaru in : 2014
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 Birthday : July 25th Lives in : Quebec city Style: Agejo  Himekaji  Onee Inspiration : Ageha Magazine  Himena Likes : Video games  Coffee  Sweets  My melody  RilakkumaStarted Gyaru in : 2012
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