Saturday, December 22, 2018

Christmas Meeting [December 16 2018]

Hello humans!
It's been a while since the last post, but this year was really hard for everyone, so many space mission, you couldn't believe!

Anyhow, we finally met for December to end the year on a good note~

We decided to go to the "Luminothérapie" which is a christmas light show/decoration in town, so we met around the area. Lillie and Cindy for ready together, Princess hanged out with us but she just finished work so she didn't have time to change, Daisy couldn't come and Audrey came to hang out for a bit before her "work's party". So even if only Lillie and Cindy were dressed up, we took some pictures! Haha



Luminothérapie was inside and outside, so after seeing the decoration and show inside we got out to see the rest.... and it was pretty disapointing LOL pretty much just some lightup domino that were super noisy and some campfire in trashcan??? It felt more like we were homeless than anything LOL

Luminothérapie, more like homelesstherapie

Anyway it was pretty fun to go out, we hope to have time to do a meeting January 2019! 

The rest of the pictures is going to be on our facebook!


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